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    16 Struggles Only DIYers Will Truly Understand

    *spends $40 on something I could buy for $20*

    1. When you start a project, you always think you have more skills than you actually do.


    You have to weld it? Sounds like I could YouTube how to do that.

    2. And you always think, "It can't be THAT hard!" before starting a new one.


    Think again, boo.

    3. You constantly find glitter stuck to random parts of your body.


    One glitter project means a LIFETIME of cleaning.

    4. And you always stab yourself with a needle, without fail.

    Screen Gems

    Blood stains add character.

    5. You feel like your world stops when you realize you accidentally skipped a step.


    6. The infamous paint drip is the bane of your existence.


    Don't even get me started on the paint brush hair you'll inevitably find after everything is dry.

    7. Projects always take waaaay longer than you think they will.

    Cool, it only has five steps! Wait... "Let set for six hours?!" WTF.

    8. You've become a slight hoarder when it comes to supplies.

    Comedy Central

    Don't throw out that cardboard!! I might need it for something!!!

    9. And you never seem to have enough storage space for it all.


    Mom always said whoever dies with the most fabric wins. And I never lose.

    10. You always notice at the worst time that you won't have enough spray paint to finish your work.

    Warner Bros.

    11. You're always forgetting to "Measure twice, cut once."


    Well, this project just got much smaller...

    12. Not being able to find that LAST, random-as-hell item makes you want to scream.


    Where does anyone even find "live edge wood"?? Is it next to the dragon skin?? Like, damn.

    13. Resisting the urge to Mod Podge everything is really difficult.


    Remind me again why it's a bad idea to decoupage the couch?

    14. You rarely wait long enough for anything to dry.

    Warner Bros.

    I want it to be done NOW!!!!!

    15. Scrolling through Pinterest takes up WAY too much of your time.


    But I NEED to know three different ways to sand a dresser!

    16. Your clothes are always covered in paint.

    Disney Channel

    All of your clothes have slowly become "paint clothes".

    17. You have made everything in your home into a crafting tool.


    NOOO don't use that toothbrush!!! It's for scrubbing!

    18. Sometimes you make a project for a friend... and it turns out so great, you don't wanna give it up.

    Atlantic / Arista

    19. You are always working on way more projects than you can possibly finish.


    All that will be left in my will is the projects I wish to have completed.

    20. You're always proud of yourself when you go into Michael's and don't buy 50 things you don't need.


    Bonus points if you pick up the actual item you went in for.

    21. And 74% of the time, it doesn't look ANYTHING like the picture — but you tried, and you'll try again.


    Luckily, almost everything can make a decent paper weight.

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