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    17 Things Every Pack Rat Knows To Be 100% True

    Because you can never have enough plastic grocery bags.

    1. You have an emotional attachment to literally everything.

    2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is more than a motto for you — it's a lifestyle.

    3. The thought of guests coming over unexpectedly is panic-inducing.

    4. Buying in bulk is the only way.

    5. Stacking has become an art form.

    6. You're the only one who can find anything.

    7. You have so may clothes but still nothing to wear.

    8. There isn't a single square inch of empty wall space in your whole apartment.

    9. There's never enough space.

    10. You have doubles (OK, triples) of everything.

    11. You find yourself daydreaming about organizational supplies.

    12. Garage sales are EVERYTHING.

    13. You watch Hoarders to make sure you haven't gone off the deep end yet.

    14. You collect so many things, you might as well be a museum curator.

    15. Moving is a NIGHTMARE scenario.

    16. Throwing things away is an emotional journey.

    17. But whenever anybody needs something, you’re the first one they call.

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