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17 Hilarious Times YikYak Showed Us College Is Just Like Hogwarts

Because Hogwarts didn't take your FAFSA either.

1. Proof that we need more chocolate in our lives.

2. Needing a few more minutes to procrastinate even more.

3. This honesty.

4. This perfect pun.

5. What's college without an existential crisis?

6. Don't punish yourself though after you see the grades...

7. Now everyone knows.

8. I'm gonna need all three Hallows to make it through, tbh.

9. He would be purposefully vague.

10. I'm gonna need something stronger, maybe some Firewhiskey.

11. Might as well take in your snack list, too.

12. They've found us out!

13. The best kind of nightlight.

14. This is Ravenclaw level ingenuity.

15. 👏👏👏

16. Enemies of the heir beware!

17. Never forget guys...

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