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People That Said Goodbye To Wrong Side Of The Bay Bridge

Inspired by my roommate Hannah who is too busy to make this herself because of law school or some crap like that.

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This is the beautiful western span of the Bay Bridge. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

This is the Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge.

Part of it collapsed in the 1989 earthquake.

Reasonably, it's being replaced with this on Tuesday and closed Today at 8pm.

These people have it all mixed up...

Muscle Milk has it all wrong.

So does this guy.

Too much #wine #Ricardo.

Well...not exactly...

You can go over it again after Labor Day.


Still nope.

You can stay attached. It's not going anywhere.

That's....not the eastern span.

Wrong. last time:

This is the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. That tower thingy (New Bay Bridge) is replacing all that metal stuff (Old Bay Bridge).

This isn't going anywhere.

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