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    Make A Glitter Beard With All The Adorbs, None Of The Mess

    No actual glitter required (thankfully).

    This year, men all over the world (probably) are pouring glitter on their faces to create glitter beards.

    The GayBeards / Via

    Masculinity + Glitter = Amaze

    Accomplishing this looks really messy. And terrible.

    The GayBeards / Via

    Unless you're in someone's house who you hate, this technique should be avoided at all costs.

    Instead, use this photo editing app called PicsArt to add glitter to your beard with all the adorable and without any of the mess.

    PicsArt / Via

    It's on iOS and Android. Again. Free.

    Step 1: Collect an image of a beard and an image of glitter.

    PicsArt / Via

    Here, you can use this one of glitter.

    Step 2: Open your beard photo in PicsArt and then tap 'Add Photo'

    PicsArt / Via

    Step 3: Choose your glitter photo and place it on the beard.

    PicsArt / Via

    It will be added right on top of your beard photo. Resize if you need to.

    Step 4: Tap 'Normal' in the bottom right...

    PicsArt / Via

    ...and then tap 'Lighten'

    Woah. Magic.

    PicsArt / Via

    Step 5: Use the eraser tool to erase parts of the glitter image.

    PicsArt / Via

    Tap the brush in the bottom left.

    PicsArt / Via

    And then use your finger to erase!

    Step 6: Save. Share. #GlitterBeard

    PicsArt / Via


    Giphy / Via

    Except not really. Thank god.

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