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    Sheep Vs. Goats: Know The Difference!

    Goat parodies of music videos have gotten very popular lately —but horror of horrors! Many of these videos actually contain sheep! It's important to learn the differences.

    Taylor Swift has been using her considerable fame to bolster the career of a young newcomer...

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    But the title of the video, "I Knew You Were A Goat When You Walked In," serves only to reflect her (and thus the listener's) ignorance! Swift can't even recognize a SHEEP when it walks in?!

    To help out the uninformed, we've got this little guide for you.

    Goats vs. Sheep: The Basics

    Sheep tails hang down.

    Goat tails stick up.

    Sheep are peaceful and idyllic.

    Goats are not.

    Sheep are humble country folk.

    Goats are oligarchs.

    Sheep go to heaven.

    Goats go to hell.

    They can be easy to confuse sometimes...

    But are definitely distinctive creatures.

    Without knowing the difference, how would you ever be impressed when they combine?