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25 Etsy Items Under 10 Bucks Each You Should Treat Yourself To Right Now

Dear Me, You made it through the Holidays. Enjoy this little treat. Love, Me.

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1. This Juicy Candle

Watermelon Candle, $7.50

3. This Special Drink

Organic Drinking Chocolate Powder, $8.75

5. These Wise Candles

Pair of Owl Beeswax Candles, $9.00

7. This Fiery Salt

Sriracha Sea Salt 4 oz. Tin, $8.00

8. This Novel Monogram

Alphabet Mini Book Letters, $8.50 Each

9. This Timeless Calendar

Letterpress Perpetual Calendar, $9.50
Dependable Letterpress / Via

11. This Purrfect Mirror

Cat Sitting Mirror, $7.97
SuperCoolCreations / Via

13. This Dope Soap

Hemp Oil Soap on a Rope, $4.99

14. This Fab Bowl

Lacquer Coconut Shell Bowl, $4.99

16. This Peace-Loving Decal

Coexist Decal, $5.00
Rage Paints / Via

18. This Bit of Royalty

Sterling Silver Majesty Crown Ear Cuff, $9.00

19. These Kernels to Pop

Ruby Red Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, 1 Lb, $4.00

20. This Kernel of Wisdom

It Is What It Is Wood Sign, $9.99

21. These Tiny Journals

Itty Bitty Leather Journals, $7.00 Each

23. This Brilliant Vase

Light Bulb Bud Vase, $7.00
Drunken Bulbs / Via

24. This Smart Coin Purse

Instagram Coin Purse, $8.00

25. These Dogs That Nailed It

42 Pug Nail Decals, $8.00
obscuraoutfitters / Via

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