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25 Dogs Dish On Their Latest Meals Of Homework

"My dog ate it" truths unleashed.

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1. "Your Poorly Conjugated Verbs Have Given Me Indigestion."

Angie J Geworsky / Via Flickr: httpwwwflickrcomphotosangie

2. "Dang...that fill-in-the-blank crap never fills me up. I'd give my eye teeth for a good ol' term paper."

Hipster Puppies / Via

3. "Welcome home, your chemistry thingy was really yummy, but it gave me horrible gas, plus I think I'm now blind."

Hipster Puppies / Via

4. "Fetch me my glasses, seeing my food is a very large part of the enjoyment."

Acts of Dog / Via Flickr: 14101695@N04

5. "You do know Africa's not a country, right?"

Nick / Via Flickr: enelle

6. "That poetry was cheesy as hell, throw me some more couplets."

madzuka / Via Flickr: madzooka

7. "Must admit, German vocab usually turns my stomach, but this was some good shit. Danke schön."

8. "This dissertation was very nuanced, I shall require much time to digest it all."

Up the Banner / Via Flickr: mikal

9. "My god, that essay was so dry, grab me a beer, wouldjya."

Hipster Puppies / Via

10. "It's obvious and disgusting that you plagiarized my work; however, the fine linen paper you selected was quite delectable."

Hipster Puppies / Via

11. "Hehe, that half-done long division tickled on the way down!"

Jam Macaraeg / Via Flickr: jameezy

12. "My goodness, a take-home open book quizzie...this goodie took me right back to my puppyhood."

fivefortyfive / Via Flickr: fivefortyfive

13. "Your theorem has given me paws."

Hipster Puppies / Via

14. "Hey girl, I speak for all of us when I say that short story was wayyyy better than poop, we wants another one."

Danz in Tokyo / Via Flickr: lost-moments

15. "Pour me a little Pepto if you would, seems your rotten spelling has given me acid reflux."

Heather Gatchell / Via Flickr: 46025500@N00

16. "Certain so-called 'facts' in the last paragraph were especially hard to swallow. Good thing I had some coffee to wash it all down."

Hipster Puppies / Via

17. "I ate your whole solar system model except for Pluto. (btw it's not a planet, duh). What's that? Uranus will give me gas? Dude that is so lame."

Hipster Puppies / Via

18. "You call that a bibliography? I call it a hot mess."

alicejamieson / Via Flickr: alicejamieson

19. "The gross anatomy diagram was extremely gross. Like I almost barfed."

Hipster Puppies / Via

20. "Why yes, I often eat several term papers per day, I'm blessed with a very high metabolism."

Laurie York / Via Flickr: laurieyork

21. "You shoulda told me there was Trigonometry mixed in there, I thought it was just pi, bro. Angles are nasty."

Daniel Kulinski / Via Flickr: didmyself

22. "The last bits with Sartre's stuff made me want to croak. But seriously, I do now have terrible heartburn."

Courtney Hocking / Via Flickr: livingartphotostudio

23. "Good golly, that was the best doggone cell model I've ever tasted! The mitochondria mini hot dogs were wonderful in the green jello cytoplasm!"

Whit Snell / Via Flickr: jwsnell

24. "My, my, whatever you used to color the oceans on that little map was utterly divine."

Doug Brown / Via Flickr: dougbrown47

25. "Hey owner-dude, I totally had the munchies, so I ate your roommate's homework too. He can thank me later."

Hipster Puppies / Via

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