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    21 Perfect Gifts For Llama Lovers

    The time for llama flair has officially arrived. Go forth and spread the llama love.

    1. This "Been There Done That" Llama Mug

    2. This L.L. Cool Llama T-Shirt

    3. These Lobe Llamas

    4. This Call for Chillness Llama Tee

    5. This Super Chill Llama Tote

    6. This Good Times Llama Mug

    7. This Commanding Bit of Llama Flair

    8. This Flippant Llama Tee

    10. This Appealing Llama Phone Case

    11. This Want to Meet You Llama Top

    12. This Other Want to Meet You Llama Shirt

    13. This Llama Luv Foot Flair

    14. This Impressive Little Llama Greeting

    15. This Surreal Buddhist Llama Mug

    The Unemployed Philosophers Guild / Via

    16. This Friendly Llama Stationery

    TheThinktree / Via

    17. This Llama Mug on a Mug

    18. These Sticky Llamas

    19. This Badass Llama Biker Shirt

    darkcycleclothing / Via

    20. This Llama Puppet and Llama Poo Paper

    FoxHillLlamas / Via

    Llama Poo Lettergram Pack, $8.02

    (Paper made of sanitised llama manure mixed with recycled paper packaged with a Peruvian llama finger puppet).

    21. This Llama Lifesaver

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