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    18 Fab Etsy Infinity Scarves You'll Want To Wear Forever

    The coziness just never ends...

    Bring me my infinity scarf at once. I'm going out.


    1. When you're feeling fancy.

    3. Make a powerful fashion statement plus protect against the cold.

    4. Destined to be your year-round fave accessory.

    5. Be fierce surrounded by pixelated zombies.

    6. Be polished even in flannel.

    7. Good-bye frumpy fanny pack, hello smart scarf.

    8. Be encircled in 100% cashmere? Yes, please.

    9. A truly timeless accessory.

    10. Look cool and be warm at the same time.

    11. Organic Hemp + cool print = stellar style.

    12. You'll be feline fab in this one.

    dailyaccessoriez / Via

    13. A most PRECIOUS ring of fabric.

    14. Be boldly poetic.

    15. Stars and stripes are not just for the 4th of July.

    16. Create a stir with a magical flair.

    17. Style + substance with buttons on top = warm perfection.

    18. Get infinitely Sherlocked.

    It's elementary, my dear Cumberbitches: An infinity scarf or nothing.

    BBC/PBS / Via
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