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16 Perfect Gifts All Nancy Drew Fans Will Appreciate

Surprise your favorite super sleuth.

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1. This flair for the fridge.

NostalgicChic / Via

2. This for a road trip down memory lane.

PawsitivelySouthern / Via

3. These spines for warmth.

NeedlewomanDesigns / Via

4. This iconic tote.

CafePress / Via

5. This bookish fashion statement

Nancy Drew Book Purse, $37.99 - $39.99

6. This nostalgic necklace.

OwlsNestCottage / Via

7. This retro wallet.

Alicia Klein / Via

8. This perfect book bag.

The Sleuth Shop / Via

9. These mysterious magnets.

PigseyArt / Via

10. This pouch for coins and clues.

The Sleuth Shop / Via

11. These powerful books.

RichNeeleyDesigns / Via

12. This case of Nancy's detective cases.

Shade You / Via

13. This wristlet for the super sleuth.

The Sleuth Shop / Via

14. This retro tee.

Out of Print / Via

15. This bookmark with a tip.

Alicia Klein / Via

16. This special set of classics.

Juniper Books / Via

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