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17 Fab Things For The Hip And Cool "Crazy Cat Lady"

Warning: Killer Puns ahead. Eyes will roll. Yet a little smile may creep up...

1. Hold the Phone, This is Too Cute!

2. Make it Lovely to Give the Bird (Yup, it's on the middle finger)

3. This is a Case for a Catnap

4. It Would Make Sense to Get 9 of These

5. Wear this Purrfectly Cute Ring

6. Never Procrastinate Cause the Time's Always Meow

7. The Office Babe Magnet Can't Compete with The Office Cat Magnet

8. Aw, It's a Pawsitively Adorable Bath Mat

9. These Pussycat Panties Show a Cat Head-butt Means Love

10. Blush-Cat Make You Purrrty

11. For Cutest Results, Pair These With Kitten Heels

12. It's Paws Down the Cutest Mug Ever

13. Remind Citizens That Cat Cops Aren't Kitten Around

14. Wear When You're Feline Fancy

15. Wear The Purrfect Catnap Aid

16. Pillow Fight? Catfight? Either Way, Slumber Party Purrfection

17. Sealed with a Kiss is Nice. Sealed with a Cat is Pawsome!