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    16 Cool Must-Haves For The Budding Author

    Literally perfect. Absolutely write on.

    2. Brilliant bookends support both reading and writing habits.

    UrbanIndustrialCraft / Via

    3. Your creativity will never be dampened.

    4. With this on your desk, your creative juices will flow.

    5. Get inspired to become the new hot novelist.

    6. Goodbye clutter, hello focus on writing.

    7. Save your gem of a draft from drafts.

    9. You may run out of ideas, but you won't run out of ink.

    10. Write all night in bed and don't wake your partner.

    11. Check for spinach in your teeth and get inspired simultaneously.

    StudioLicious / Via

    12. It's way better and more stylish than scrawling on your palm or napkin.

    13. Book-shaped bookends that double as desk caddies? Yes, please.

    14. Bask in the glow of book scents.

    15. Plop on the couch to write in sleek style.

    16. Follow in the fearless footsteps of banned authors.

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