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    15 Fantastic Etsy Gifts For Your College Dorm

    Must-haves for successful learning.

    1. Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

    Chic Sin Design / Via

    Go ahead and hibernate with your Grizzly, you deserve it.

    2. Cloud Storage

    William Dohman/OhDierLiving / Via

    Storage in the cloud is the smartest way to go and keep your desktop tidy.

    3. iPhone Book Dock

    Rich Neeley Designs / Via

    Darcy and Elizabeth charging your device. *blush* Many other book iPhone docks here.

    4. Vintage Marquee Lights

    Vintage Marquee Lights / Via

    You may have dreamed of seeing your name in lights, so go make it happen.

    5. Cement Camera Planter

    brooklynglobal / Via

    This camera-planter has a drainage hole in the bottom and is made of concrete and thus can double as a lethal weapon.

    6. Red Bull Pillow

    BuyArtSharonCummings / Via

    Red Bull for those all-nighters.

    7. Waxed Canvas and Leather Bike Case

    fluxproductions / Via

    "Hey it's that dude who has the waxed canvas and leather bike case!" Be that dude. (or dudette)

    8. Inspirational Word Mirror

    StudioLiscious / Via

    Reflect upon your inspirations while simultaneously checking your teeth for spinach.

    9. Secret Flask Book

    Secret Safe Books / Via

    Quench your thirst for knowledge and keep your best drink undercover (literally!) from that grabby roommate.

    10. Ceramic Owl Travel Mug

    Claylicious / Via

    Count on this wise owl to dispense the needed caffeine to stay awake for the lecture.

    11. Wooden LED Clock

    WhatWOOD / Via

    A minimalist style clock is perfect for those with minimal time to finish the term paper.

    12. Gold Paint Dipped Recycled Pencil Set

    Social Goods Co. / Via

    Because taking notes in a paper notebook can't be accidentally deleted...

    13. Scratch-off World Map Poster

    FunDesignFair / Via

    Scratching countries off your travel list when you get that plane ticket is much, much MUCH more satisfying than doing the no-win scratch-off lottery tickets.

    14. Wraparound Two-Faced Wristwatch

    petitJuJu / Via

    Set one an hour behind and one an hour ahead and you'll get there at the perfect time.

    15. Book Fort Reminder

    Perilous Paper / Via

    Let's face it, we all are guilty of procrastination when it comes to fortifying our book fort. Let this be a friendly reminder on your wall to make time for it.

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