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15 Fab Last-Minute Etsy Gifts Under $36 Each

Yup, these puppies are crafted & ready-to-ship.

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1. For the Wishful

Dandelion Wish Necklace
Yellow Wings / Via

2. Give Fire

Book Covered Matchboxes
Matchmakers / Via

3. And Rain

Cloud Rainbow Christmas Ornament
Fairy Folk and The Magic Onions / Via

4. And Rubs

Camper's Grilling Gift Kit
Caboose Spice Co / Via

6. And a Super Sleuth

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Secret Safe Books

7. For the Techie

Bamboo iPhone Dock
iSkelterProducts / Via

8. And the Hippie

Dope on a Rope Lime Kush Hemp Oil Soap

9. Give Coziness

Merino Wool and Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

10. Whimsy

Book Letters
Letter Lounge / Via

11. And Inspiration

Hemingway Quote Mini Journal

13. And don't forget the Cat Person

Cherry Bamboo Cat Clock
Iluxo By Mariko / Via

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