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14 Creative Etsy Ways To Pop The Question

Ring in the New Year with a unique proposal. Think outside the velvet box.

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1. Propose a New Chapter Together

Secret Heart Book
Secret Safe Books / Via

2. Be Transparent

Glass Engagement Ring Holder Pyramid

3. Ask Over Cereal

Hand Stamped Proposal Spoon
mistyDserendipities / Via

6. Give Natural Elegance

Pixie Faceted Ring Box
Oh Dier Living / Via

8. Do It For The Record

Personalized Vinyl Record Proposal
Little Indie Studio / Via

9. Be Cute

Marry Me Candy Heart Ring

10. Make it Timeless

TARDIS Inspired Engagement Ring Box

11. Pop (Up) The Question

Engagement Ring Pop-Up Card
PetrinaCaseStudio / Via

13. Be a Sweet Talker

Will You Marry Me Cookies
Linda' Edible Art / Via
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