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14 Creative Etsy Ways To Pop The Question This Valentine's Day

You got the perfect ring. Now think outside the velvet box.

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2. Or Transparent

Glass Engagement Ring Holder Pyramid

3. Propose a New Chapter Together

Secret Heart Book
Secret Safe Books / Via

4. Make it Natural

Walnut and Oak Ring Box
Woodstorming / Via

6. Or Weighty

Concrete Engagement Ring Box
Chalk Concrete / Via

8. Make Your Whovian Swoon

TARDIS Inspired Engagement Ring Box

9. Ask By Setting the Table

Hand Stamped Proposal Spoon
mistyDserendipities / Via Ask Over Cereal

10. Be Full of Surprises

Marry Me Surprise Mug
Greys Hollow / Via

11. Make it Sweet

Pixie Faceted Ring Box
Oh Dier Living / Via

12. Do It on The Record

Personalized Vinyl Record Proposal
Little Indie Studio / Via

13. Pop (Up) The Question

Engagement Ring Pop-Up Card
PetrinaCaseStudio / Via

14. Just Literally Propose

Folded Book Pages Proposal
LucianaFrigerio / Via

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