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    20 Perfect Etsy Gifts For Book Lovers In Your Life

    For all of the bibliophiles in your life.

    1. e.e. cummings Hand-Stamped Bracelet

    2. Recycled Book Cover Purse

    3. Book Page Cufflinks

    4. Minimalist Posters

    5. Hollow Book Safe

    6. Harry Potter-Inspired Flask

    7. Moby Dick Brooch

    8. Lord of the Rings TOMS

    9. Cat in the Hat Bookmark

    10. The Fault In Our Stars Hair Tie

    11. Metal Book Ends

    12. Book Clock

    13. Bukowski Quote Coasters

    14. Literary Candles

    15. Brontë Banner

    16. Laptop Sleeve

    17. Wilde Cologne

    19. Famous Closing Lines Poster

    20. Dumbledore "Dreams" Pillows