21 Easy And Healthy Meals For One

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    1. Energy-Boosting Breakfast Toast

    2. Baked Eggs in Prosciutto Cups

    3. Carrot Cake Smoothie

    4. Freezer Oatmeal Cups

    Make these freezer oatmeal cups in a batch on Sunday, and then reheat them one by one each morning for breakfast. Get the recipe here.

    5. Greens and Ham Breakfast Bowl

    6. Blueberry Mug Muffin

    7. Pomegranate and Pear Salad

    8. Tadka-Topped Roasted Root Soup

    9. Spicy Shrimp Tacos With Garlic Cilantro Lime Slaw

    10. Dijon Brussels Sprout Grilled Cheese

    11. Veggie "Sushi" Rolls

    12. Leafy Greens With BBQ Walnut Crumble

    13. Cranberry Orange Pecan Granola

    14. Cantaloupe Dragon Fruit Boats

    15. Spiced Candied Pecans and Pomegranate Yogurt Cups

    16. 3-Ingredient Banana Nutella Ice Cream

    17. Kale Quinoa Avocado Roast Chicken Salad

    18. Cauliflower "Rice" Stir-Fry

    19. Moroccan-Spiced Cod with Cauliflower Couscous and Carrots

    20. BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad

    21. Spicy Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps