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It's International Masturbation Month! Give yourself a hand!

How Can Masturbation Save Your Life? *It's the very safest sex you can have! *It's a great stress reliever! *With solo sex, *anyone* can have a satisfying sex life!

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Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else, let's hear it for masturbation! May is International Masturbation Month, so hurray for this unsung pastime which helps make life worth living. That's right: I'm saying that solo sex is central to a well-lived life, and may even help to save it. Here's how.

People masturbate for pleasure and to relieve tension, and both are worthwhile. In fact, while our English word "masturbation" has bad historical attitude embedded within it, I'd advise you to ignore that and meditate on the Chinese translation: "self-comfort." Doesn't that make you feel better already? When you care enough about yourself to give yourself erotic comfort, you are showing yourself that you matter. In other words: self-esteem! In or out of a relationship, you can give yourself pleasure. This may be especially important for women (so many women have essentially gotten one not-so-useful message from sex ed: "Someday my prince will come, and so will I") – but for people of all genders, solo sex says "you're worth it." Some relationships can be toxic – but you don't need 'em! Let nice, self-loving alone time restore your balance and remind you that you're your own person.

Speaking of saving your own life: What's a safer form of sex than masturbation? Whether you do it alone or in full view of a partner (which is a great way to show them what you like, touch-wise), when you masturbate, you are avoiding sexually transmitted infections. Unwanted pregnancy, too.

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