There Is A Chinese Toyota Commercial Featuring One Direction

Random? Maybe. But just roll with it.

1. One Direction are the new faces of the Toyota Vios in China.

2. Why you ask?

What do 5 Englishmen know about cars? And why in China?

3. Because Louis.

4. Because Zayn.

5. Because Harry.

6. Because Niall.

7. Because Liam.

(He’s probably a little upset since he doesn’t actually have his license yet.)

8. On that note, neither does Zayn.

9. They look so cute in the backseat.

10. Like, really cute.

11. They just look so happy.

12. They are great salesmen.

13. They even show off the interior.

14. There is also random concert at the end.

15. Plus there is a great behind the scenes video.

Do they all come with a Harry Styles in the trunk?

16. Check out the commercial:

17. Here is the behind the scenes video:

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