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Faith In Humanity Restored!

This boy is the hero I wish I could be.

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A 15 Year Old Boy Saves His School by Tackling a Bomber

A young boy who was sentenced to stand outside for causing trouble had no idea that he was about to save the lives of 2,000 people. While he was standing outside, three men were coming up to his school with a bomb. With some surge of courage that I can never understand, he tackled the bomber. The other two men ran off before they could get the bomb set in place.

This is the kind of news I wish we saw more often. This 15 year old kid was more selfless than so many other people would have been. The thing that is saddest to me is that it might have made the news if the school had been bombed and the two thousand children had died. (Maybe not, because apparently these kind of suicide bombing missions are gaining popularity in Pakistan, but we here in the USA seem to be unaware or just don't care.) The gross fact is that the death of 2,000 Pakistani school kids would be more qualified to be national news than a hero who saved them by giving his life. To be fair, this story did get some coverage, but not by big news stations in America. The UK promoted this story more.

I've often thought about what the world would be like if there were positive news stations. In my mind, the mass public loves to watch the happy news channel and because they're constantly being filled with good news, everyone is in a better mood. All the world just has a sunny disposition, and the morale of the world is saved!

But in reality, a happy news channel would probably crash and burn. It would probably be successful when it's new, but then fade away while losing viewership and popularity. And I hate that that's probably the truth.

So let's be the change. Pass stories like this on, because the world needs to know that things like this happen and people like Aitizaz Hasan will help the world bit by bit.

Read the full incredible story:

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