10 Things Not To Do After A Breakup

Coming out of a relationship? Here are 10 things that will definitely make you feel shittier than you already do.

1. Do not listen to Bon Iver

Especially “For Emma” on repeat…

2. Do NOT watch The Notebook

Or any romantic movie, ever.

3. Do not take donut baths

Although this does look delicious.

4. Do not go back to places the two of you used to hang out

Especially not the swing set.

5. Do not try to “dance it off” at a club

You will meet this guy and he WILL be wearing Ed Hardy.

6. Do not try to drink away your pain

This. Never. Works.

7. Do not read this book

8. Do not become a hermit dog-breeder

Or if you do, get this sign for your front door so that people know to never visit you.

9. Do not eat your emotions

10. Don’t stop believin’

Or listening to Journey…

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