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    31 Pieces Of Gorgeous Furniture From Target That Will Make Elevating Your Space So Much Easier

    It really doesn't take much to elevate your space.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A reclaimed bench, because this is a timeless piece that gives so much character to any space. With pillow topped arms and upholstered cushioning, this bench belongs in a farmhouse in another century. Adding a warm piece like this brings a new (but familiar) element to any home.

    a reclaimed arm bench with padded seating and a wicker back

    2. A white ceramic end table that could basically be art. The speckled pattern adds a rustic touch, but is still extremely chic. Pro tip: if you ever get tired of this table as is, you can easily add a pillow to transform it into seating! This could be a super easy DIY once you get an industrial stapler, some cushioning, and your fabric of choice.

    a ceramic end table

    3. A set of cane and wooden dining room chairs that say "Hamptons" and "wholesome" at the same time. The armless design fits seamlessly under any table, so rack up and fill up your dining area to have all of your favorite people over for dinner.

    a set of four black and cane chairs around a black dining room table

    4. A caned door TV stand to match your caned chairs. The juxtaposition of the black wood against the tan cane makes the item look expensive (well, it is, but you get it) and elegant, but still current.

    a black and cane cadenza under a TV

    5. An hourglass-shaped concrete end table so you can lend an interesting design element to the room. Of course it's functional, but I would buy this strictly for the look of it.

    an hour glass shaped side table

    6. A gorgeous modular sectional for a chic snuggle session. This no-tool assembly couch is equipped with a power/USB port for all of your charging needs, and is covered in stain-resistant fabric. Thank God.

    a cream modular sofa with an ottoman

    7. An ornamental sideboard in the most killer shade of green. This contemporary piece is a major statement, making it worth every penny. The acrylic and gold legs only add to the luxury of it all, and it's a given that this table will absolutely elevate your home.

    an emerald green sideboard table with clear legs

    8. A standing clay planter so your plants can become furniture, too! This planter is a unique way to add life to your home and (literally) elevate your plantscape.

    a clay planter on four wooden legs

    9. An industrial wall shelf that won't take up any floor space, but acts with the same purpose of a bookshelf. Floating furniture, if you will.

    three wall shelves held together by industrial pipes

    10. A brass cylinder drum accent table that has hammered accents to add texture. The brushed brass looks antique, while the shape makes for a great statement piece. And the perk to having a finish like this is that you can scuff it up a bit and it'll only add to the charm of it!

    round brass hammered tables in a living room

    11. A velvet accent chair with a curved back, because this is a cozy way to elevate a room. The covered legs are sleek, making the furniture piece look like modern art. I mean, have you been to a modern art museum? Half the time they put paperclips in a bowl and mark it up to $1,475 (I'm sorry artists I actually really love your work, I swear).

    a light pink accent chair with an orange throw blanket

    12. A set of wire bar stools that look like they'll hurt to sit on, but according to reviews, are actually pretty comfy! These edgy but versatile chairs are made from a durable solid steel in four different finishes.

    black wire bar stools at a kitchen island

    13. A velvet love-seat that's deep and soft, and will add dimension and texture to your space. The tall tuxedo arms and flat exterior definitely give off a bit of a speakeasy vibe, but are more luxurious than sleazy. The rubberwood frame makes for great support to hold up to 300 pounds.

    two pink velvet couches in a living room

    14. A few foot stools you can add around your coffee table for extra seating, at the foot of the bed to finish off the room, or really anywhere you need a little extra something something.

    two foot stool with padded seats and rope wrapped legs

    15. A rotatable coffee table that looks like the Guggenheim Museum. Kind of. This super interesting piece is a talking point in itself but is multifunctional and adjusts to your space.

    a round table with three layers that are rotatable

    16. A jewelry armoire for a much better alternative to having all of your earrings and necklaces thrown over your dresser getting tangled in each other. This piece of furniture is extremely functional with seven working drawers, two cabinet doors with hooks, and a compartment lined with anti-tarnish felt for your valuables. The mirror is a nice bonus.

    a jewelry armoire

    17. A velvet and wood ottoman, because this has a natural, tasteful look and serves as an additional perch to your entertainment space. If you really want to make it fancy, put a tray on it and serve hors d'oeuvres that probably look better than they'll taste. That would be the case if I were cooking, at least.

    a tan velvet cylindrical ottoman with a wooden base

    18. A rolling bar cart with asymmetrical shelves as a modern way to show off the goods. The mobility of this cart allows you to change up the orientation of the room, but it still adds a sense of sophistication.

    a gold rolling bar cart filled with glasses and bottles of alcohol

    19. A gilded floor mirror for all the outfit pics in the world. Plus it's a stunning piece of furniture that is totally timeless. It can stand on the floor or be mounted to the wall.

    a rectangular gold floor mirror

    20. A wooden mid-century coffee table with open storage underneath, because this is decorative and functional. The natural wood grain finish is easy to clean, but you best keep using coasters because these are not the kind of rings you want set on this table.

    an open unit wooden coffee table

    21. A velvet headboard for adding texture (literally) to your safe space. This headboard is eclectic enough to effortlessly flow with any room style. The height is adjustable and it can be attached to your bed frame.

    a staged bedroom with a velvet tufted headboard

    22. A mirrored desk that will visually expand the room. With three built-in drawers, it's perfect as a desk or vanity (clearly mirror space isn't an issue).

    a mirrored desk with a bright pink desk chair

    23. A linen upholstered bench with winged arms that says "paint me like one of your French girls" but without the sinking ship. Put this in your entryway or at the end of your bed to tie the room together.

    an upholstered bench with winged arms on four wooden legs

    24. A paneled room divider for an easy addition to your home. Create new spaces and a bit of mystery within a room by adding this 5.5-ft tall piece that folds in each direction.

    a three-paneled room divider

    25. A marble dining table, because this gives me major Real Housewives vibes. Or maybe it's just this picture. Either way, this dining room table with a geometric wooden base is such an easy way to elevate your home, and even your dining experience.

    a marble dining table with a black base surrounded by teal velvet dining chairs

    26. A gaming chair, because a game room was never something I thought I needed, but seeing these chairs makes me want to break out the Wii and post up for a few days. The 360 swivel and foldable design means you have no restrictions in this bad boy.

    two gaming chairs with people sitting on them

    27. A glass and gold wire bookcase as a beautiful open shelving unit that is just as decorative as anything you put on it. Featuring a satin gold finish, the bottom two shelves are tinted a rich shade of teal along with glass shelves above it. She is a beaut.

    a gold book shelf with glass and teal-tinted shelves

    28. A faux marble corner table that is ideal for maximizing your storage and decor within a small space. Give your knickknacks a cozy corner spot either on the marble top or in one of the two shelves underneath.

    L-shaped faux marble table

    29. A portable kitchen island filled with adjustable shelves, a spice rack, towel bar, and four drawers to complete your kitchen. The wheels have locking capabilities for safety, otherwise you can take it for a spin around the house whenever you'd like.

    a rolling kitchen island

    30. A chic bean bag chair to make your kids' space more stylish. Or, let's be honest, for you to doze off on while streaming Netflix. The upholstered fabric can be spot cleaned, making it the perfect snacking chair for you and the kiddos.

    a grey bean bag chair with arms and a back

    31. And last but not least, an antique floor lamp (nay, side table); my favorite product from this round up. My grandmother has a piece like this that I used in my college house, so I'm a bit biased. The antique brass perfectly contrasts the modern drum shade — give me a glass of wine to set on the glass tray table and leave me here for a week.

    a floor lamp with a side table at the base

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