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    15 New Orleans-Inspired Foods To Eat On Mardi Gras

    Because nothing says Fat Tuesday better than creole food.

    1. This three meat and okra gumbo.

    2. These beignets. Always beignets.

    3. This colorful crawfish etouffee.

    4. These alligator sausage sliders with roasted red pepper remoulade.

    5. This Cajun shrimp with smoked gouda grits.

    6. This salted caramel king cake.

    7. These red beans and rice burgers.

    8. This skillet jambalaya dip.

    9. This muffaletta sandwich, in pizza form.

    10. A grilled Cajun shrimp po' boy.

    11. This spicy Cajun fried cauliflower with Louisiana remoulade.

    12. This Louisiana bread pudding.

    13. Enough Cajun crawfish boil for 40 people.

    14. This New Orleans French toast.

    15. This chicken and sausage jambalaya.