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    37 Batshit Crazy Things People Have Done In Their Sleep

    Wtf are you doing with a watermelon in your bed?

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest, weirdest, and creepiest things they've ever done in their sleep. Let's just say that whatever you do after midnight is really none of our business...

    1. Chopped off 5 inches of hair... and saved it

    2. Bought all of the underwear

    3. Tried to eat a friend's hand

    4. Snuggled with a stolen watermelon

    5. Ended a relationship

    6. Drew a minty bath

    7. Whipped up a fancy breakfast

    8. Held a silent conversation

    9. Did an outfit change and woke up ~flawless~

    10. Defaced all the closets

    11. Toasted a Pop-Tart and slept on it

    12. Toasted a real human hand and went to the E.R.

    13. Mounted a sleeping partner

    14. Tried eating a log of cookie dough... and the plastic it came in

    15. Dabbled in sleep graffiti and ruined all the things

    16. Tried to drive a car after ~maybe~ playing some volleyball

    17. Stated the quadratic formula

    18. Peed in the living room

    19. Removed a nose piercing

    20. Destroyed a perfectly good curling iron

    21. Hid all the lightbulbs

    22. Became a fruit ninja

    23. Got trapped in a Barbie Dream House

    24. Orgasmed at all hours of the night

    25. Absolutely NOTHING

    26. Pretended to cut someone up

    27. Nursed everyone else back to health

    28. Showed some skin while walking the dog

    29. Ate something very risky

    30. Performed actual sex acts

    31. Became a cat

    32. Became legit Batman

    33. Got a manicure that looked busted AF

    34. Possibly catfished a few people

    35. Went HAM on the night cheese

    36. ROFL'd and got stuck under a piece of furniture

    37. Requested chicken wings from a boyfriend who restored our faith in true love

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