19 Delightful Tampon Cases That Will Make Your Period More Fun

The perfect accessories for when you’re bleeding from your vagina.

Andrew Richard / Via BuzzFeed

1. Funny Retro Period Case

Coastal Colors / Via

Coastal Colors / Via


Perfect for your purse. Buy it here for $13.99.

2. Vampire Teabags Red Chevron Pouch

Hustle Mama on / Via

Makes you think about Twilight a little differently, right? Buy it here for $15.

3. Shark Week Tampon Wallet

SewNerdyGifts / Via

SewNerdyGifts / Via


Because Shark Week comes once a month, not once a year. Buy it here for $18 on Etsy.

4. Oh Bloody Hell Tampon Pouch

Creatively Carlee on / Via

Bringing some humor to this bitch of a time. Buy it here for $15.

6. Wonder Woman Zippered Pouch

Wynd Mill on / Via

Pack a punch, for real. Buy it here for $12.

7. Life’s Little Bleeding Luxury Tampon Tin

Little Things For Good on / Via

Buy it here for $14.30 on Etsy.

8. Lady Stuff Dripping Blood Tampon Pouch

Hot Butter on / Via

Just bein’ honest. Available here for $20.

9. Globe Keychain Tampon Pouch

Cozies N More / Via

Cozies N More / Via


For worldly tampons. Buy it here for $9 on Etsy.

10. Customizable Embroidered Tampon Pouch

Montclair Made on / Via

Pick your favorite fabric and embroidery style for a pouch you’ll cherish forever. Buy it here for $32 from Etsy.

11. Sunday Bloody Sunday Metal Case

BangBang714 on / Via

And the battle’s just begun… Buy it here for $20.

12. “May Contain Tampons” Embroidered Pouch

So Long My Sweet Lime on / Via

Giving fair warning to anyone snooping through your purse. Buy it here for $14.30 on Etsy.

13. PMS Princess Denim Tampon Pouch

timelybuys on eBay / Via

Buy it here in a variety of sassy styles for $11.99 on eBay.

14. “First Aid” Velcro Tampon Holder

Auntie Em’s Crafts on / Via

Because your vagina needs some TLC right now. Buy it here for $10 on Etsy.

15. Woodland Animal Tampon Case

ZoesBagsBoutique on / Via

How Disney Princesses would carry their tampons. Buy it here for $8.50 on Etsy.

16. What + Ever Tampon Bag

Forever 21 / Via

Forever 21 / Via


For when you literally cannot. Buy it here for $8.80 from Forever 21.

17. Funny Name Color Palette Tampon Case

BlueQ / Via

For the ~artsy~ period. Buy it here for $6.95 on Amazon.

18. SRSLY??? Embroidered Tampon Clutch

SewNerdyGifts / Via

SewNerdyGifts / Via


The pouch that really gets you. Buy it here for $16 on Etsy.

19. Crocheted Penis Tampon Pouch

Abandoned Llama / Via

Abandoned Llama / Via


Because why not? Buy it here for $8 on Etsy.

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