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    19 Stunningly Weird Pieces Of Anatomy Jewelry

    The knee bone's connected to the ~necklace~.

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    1. Tiny Silver Brain Ring

    Laonato on / Via

    Find it here, $29.

    2. Silver Vertebrae Necklace

    Buy it here, $55.

    3. Engraved Teeth Brass Cuff

    Etsy Shop Jezebel Charms / Via

    Perfect for your dentist friends. Buy it here, $33.

    4. Bronze Digestive System Pendant

    disruptivejewelry on / Via

    Medical nerds will appreciate. Find it here, $61.

    5. Silver Anatomical Heart Locket

    Find it here, $310.

    6. Brass Brain Cufflinks

    Anna Siivonen on / Via

    The perfect gift for your favorite brainiac. Find them here, $50.

    7. Lumbar Vertebrae Pendant

    Available here, $34.75.

    8. Knee Joint Pendant in Pewter

    You kneed this in your life. Get it here, $29.75.

    9. Anatomical Ear Cufflinks

    The Spangled Maker / / Via

    We ~hear~ these are the perfect gift. Buy them here, $20.

    10. Bone and Spine Bracelet

    Ayakanishiny on / Via

    Available here, $195.

    11. Silver Ribcage Ring

    Find it here, $69.

    12. Gold-Plated Ribcage Necklace

    3D Printed Skull on / Via

    Find it here, $39.95.

    13. Silver Human Kidney Pendant

    mdavisstudious on / Via

    Available on Etsy, $99.

    14. Human Brain Earrings

    Anatomology on / Via

    Find them here, $18.

    15. Hyoid Bone Pendant Necklace

    Farjil on / Via

    (It's the bone in your neck that supports the tongue.) Find it here, $32.75.

    16. Ear Cochlea Necklace

    The Spangled Maker on / Via

    Find it here, $24.

    17. Femur Bone Earrings

    3D Printed Skull on / Via

    Buy them here, $34.95.

    18. Human Heart Cufflinks

    billyblue22 on / Via

    Find them here, $40.

    19. Human Teeth Bangle

    PeculiarCollective on / Via

    Warning: This bracelet may bite. Buy it here, $12.

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