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Tell Us Why You Decided To Stop Using Juul And What That Was Like

If you ever used the Juul and became concerned that you might be hooked, we want to know what that was like.

Vaping has become more popular than ever, especially with devices like the Juul, which delivers a potent dose of nicotine.

Did you ever use the Juul but eventually decide that you needed to quit? We want to hear your story.

Maybe you didn't realize you were vaping nicotine and wanted to stop before it became an addiction.

Perhaps it became harder to use your Juul in indoor spaces or around your friends, and decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

Maybe it became too expensive of a habit.

Whatever your reasons, we want to hear about your experience. So tell us: Why did you decide you wanted to stop Juuling, and was it hard to quit? If you did quit, what helped you make it happen? Share your story in the "Add Yours" submission box below.

We want to know how you started using the Juul, if you felt like you were starting to get addicted to the nicotine rush, and what made you realize you wanted to stop once and for all.

Was quitting the Juul or other nicotine vapes harder or easier than you expected? Was there anything you used (gum, patches, friends) that helped you? Your story may help someone who wants to stop Juuling as well.

Your submission may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed News post.