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17 Things People Who Don't Need Glasses Will Never Understand


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Forgetting your glasses when you need them is basically like forgetting one of your limbs at home.

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Whether you forgot them because you're new to wearing glasses, you don't need to wear them all the time, or you're just super disorganized — we can all probably relate to this struggle.

5. And when you get in the car — actually, please don't get in the car. Get out. Call an Uber. Ride your bike. Ride a Razor scooter. Ride a manatee (but not actually). Just don't drive — you are literally a road hazard.

14. You might try on glasses that belong to a friend who claims they have the "same prescription" as you, only to find out they really have 50 shades of astigmatism and their lenses make you legally blind.

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