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21 Kitchen Gadgets That Actually Help You Eat Healthier

Because we could all use a little help.

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3. Oil Mister

Prepara / Via

This mister will keep you from going overboard with the oil, and you can fill it with your own customized oil by adding in fresh herbs and spices. Available from Amazon for $33.47.

6. Mini Rice Cooker

Black + Decker / Via

You can make rice and other grains like quinoa and couscous in this nifty little cooker, which also comes with a plastic steamer basket for your veggies. Available on Amazon for $13.88.


7. GreenPan Non-Stick Frying Pan

GreenPan / Via

This pan has a special non-stick coating that allows you to cook with less oils and fats, plus it's made without harmful chemicals and it won't chip or peel. Buy it on Amazon for $29.45 (10-inch).


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