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Here's What Actually Happens When You Pee On A Jellyfish Sting

Ur-ine for a big surprise.

The ocean is wonderful, but it's also full of jellyfish: evil gelatinous bags that will sting you.

You've probably heard that the the best way to reduce the pain and swelling from a sting is to pee on it immediately.

First, let's go over how a jellyfish actually stings you.

But — SURPRISE! — there's actually no evidence (other than personal anecdotes) that urine can heal a jellyfish sting.

"The belief behind this remedy is that the acidic pH of urine helps break down the toxins and reduce pain," says Bhide.

What does help is vinegar and baking soda, or just sea water.

You can gently scrape off the stingers with a card, but they'll also dissolve and come out over time.

DON'T use fresh water, solvents, or rub the sting. That can actually make the barbs release more toxins.

If enough toxins get into your blood, the sting can be fatal — so call 911 for EMS if you have symptoms of a systemic reaction.

TL;DR: Peeing on yourself can't hurt, but it doesn't help a jellyfish sting at all. So use sea water or vinegar instead.

Happy swimming, everyone!