We Need To Talk About "Alcohol Blankets"

    *starts wearing more and going out less*

    Getting all bundled up to go out during the winter can get really annoying.

    But you've probably heard of the magical myth of a ~beer jacket~ or ~alcohol blanket~ or whatever other phrase you use to convince yourself that you don't actually need that puffer coat.

    But does alcohol actually keep you warm or is that a lie?

    First of all, alcohol does make you feel warm or flushed because it dilates the blood vessels under your skin.

    But this actually means you're losing heat from your skin's surface, so your core temperature drops.

    And the alcohol will keep telling your body to release heat from your skin, even when you go out in the cold.

    Alcohol also messes with the part of our brain that controls thermoregulation, so your body has trouble warming back up.

    And finally, alcohol also dulls the brain's ability to sense that you're freezing — so you can't really tell this is happening.

    Why is this an issue? Well, it can lead to hypothermia, and people have actually died this way.

    And the "beer jacket theory" is also dangerous because it pretty much promotes binge drinking.

    So if you're planning on being outside for more than five minutes, it's worth it to bring a jacket.

    And if it's below freezing outside or snowing and you're still considering leaving your jacket at home?

    If this dog can remember to bundle up for a cold walk outside, so can you.

    Happy winter drinking!