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Oct 3, 2015

17 Reasons You Should Definitely Bring A Sweater

We promise you won't regret it.

As summer temperatures fade in the Northern hemisphere for fall and pumpkin spice hell, you may be plagued with a certain question before you go out...

083024011860 / Getty Images / Via

You should, of course, and here's why:

Beside the fact that you will undoubtedly get cold at some point when you go out and then regret literally everything.

1. This person who literally gave the Golden Gate Bridge a 2-star review on Yelp told you to.

"it gets CHILI"

2. You might actually see someone from school or work.

3. You'll always be more comfortable than everyone else.

FOX / Via

Amy knows.

4. Even this dog didn't leave the house without a sweater.

5. How else can you stealthily wipe away drool?

Myriad / Via

6. Luke Skywalker forgot an extra sweater and had to use the corpse of this snow horse creature as a damn sleeping bag in the most WTF Star Wars scene ever.

Lucasfilm / Via


7. These toe-sweater nail stickers do not count.


8. There is a windy ass hurricane named JOAQUIN on its way.

9. You never know when The Day After Tomorrow could just creep up on you:

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Because all this movie taught us is that in a few hours you can go from comfortable fall weather to roaming the arctic fucking tundra with a teen Jake Gyllenhall.

10. Your body will never be more ready than it is in a sweater.

Warner Bros / Via

11. You might need it to hide from an ex so you don't end up in a damn coat rack.

12. You can tie it around your waist.

Jeremy Scott / Adidas / Via

13. Or you can tie it around your shoulders!

14. People in the '90s seemed to have no trouble bringing a sweater AND a flannel.

15. Even google will tell it to you straight. / Via BuzzFeed

No really, go try it right now.

16. Seriously, if this many people have to google this question, you should bring a sweater.

17. Because you'll get cold. It's already October 3rd.

Paramount Pictures / Via
  1. So, are you going to bring a sweater?

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So, are you going to bring a sweater?
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    Yes, I am a rational human.
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    No, I'm going to be chili and regret all my decisions.
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    Wait but do you think I'll get cold?

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