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This Is Exactly What Your Bed-Making Skills Say About You


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The Romantic:

Characterized by strewn sheets blankets that cover the bed, but are slightly crooked and untucked. A throw blanket rests at the foot of the bed. Pillows are positioned for comfort not for look.

Personality type: This person is sensitive and emotionally intelligent. They are easygoing and free-spirited. They might have trouble with self-motivation because they are easily distracted and tend to daydream.

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The Grandma:

Characterized by tucking the sheet and comforter partially under the pillow, and then folding it over top. Bed appears neat and tight.

Personality type: A creature of habit. Thorough and resourceful with every task. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Set in their ways. Appreciates a job done right. Probably has (complete) a collection of me sort.

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The Cover-Up:

Characterized by sheets stuffed down the sides in bunches, and then throwing the blanket over top covering the pillow. They might smooth out the blanket, or even tuck it into the mattress.

Personality type: This person has something to hide. Whether it's their messy side, or a bad habit, this person tries hard to put forth a clean shiny exterior to the world. They are friendly and outgoing on the surface, but tend to keep a distance.

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The Princess:

Characterized by folding the sheet over the blanket down far from the head of the bed, and showering the head with pillows over every size.

Personality type: Outgoing, easily excited, and has a keen eye for aesthetics. Contagious enthusiasm for life. Has an artistic side. Often running late, or losing items.

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