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    This Fold-Down Spice Rack Is Perfect For Cooks With A Small Kitchen

    At hand when you need it, hidden when you don't.

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    Old art box

    Wood glue

    1 inch screws

    ½ inch screws

    Small chain



    1. Pick a box that fits under your cabinet. An old art box works best, but any wooden box will be fine.

    2. Cut a piece of wood to the length of your box. Stain or paint to match.

    3. Glue the wood into the middle of the box to act as a shelf. Let it dry for at least two hours.

    4. With the lid open at about a 60º angle, measure a length of chain to connect the lid with the bottom of the box. (Should be about 12 in, or 30 cm.)

    5. Drill two pieces of chain into the bottom front corners of the box, then into the inner sides of the lid.

    6. Drill the lid into the underside of your cabinet.

    7. Fill the box with spices, and fold and secure the box when not in use. Enjoy extra cabinet space!

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