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    These Air Plant "Shellyfish" Are Ideal For People Without A Green Thumb

    So magical. So easy to keep alive.


    Seashells (Note: Please be kind, and do not harvest seashells that are still inhabited with sea animals! Shells that are dry and out of the water are best.)

    Air plants

    Air plant glue

    Fishing line

    Wooden dowel (optional)


    1. Select seashell to be your creature’s head. Sea urchin shells are great for making jellyfish, snail shells for octopi, and any coiled seashell can resemble a squid.

    2. Put a drop of air plant glue on your plant, and press it to the inside of the shell. Air plants with long, thin, tentacle-like branches look best! Let dry for two hours.

    3. Tie the fishing line around the shell, and secure with glue.

    4. Hang your creatures from a dowel in a window, or from a scrap of chicken wire attached to the ceiling.

    5. Water your plants with a spray bottle 1-3 times a week.

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