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Transform An Empty Shampoo Bottle Into A DIY Phone-Charging Cradle

Your phone is safe and sound.

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It's time to charge your phone in the safety of a warm cradle.

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What you need:

*A large, empty lotion/shampoo bottle

*An x-acto knife


*Spray paint of your choice

*Clear acrylic coat finish

*Phone charger



Choose an empty plastic bottle that is big enough to fit your phone. Measure the bottle against the phone, and mark where you will make the cut. (The plastic rim should come up to just under the top of the phone.)

The front side the cut will be straight across, and on the back, leave a two inch-wide tab of plastic that comes up about 5 inches.

Trace the base of your phone charger onto the tab, and cut it out with an x-acto knife. Sand off any rough edges if necessary.

Spray paint the container with your choice of paint. Let dry. The paint will scrape off very easily at this stage, so you can get artistic and scratch in a design, or stencil in lettering!

When you are satisfied, spray the entire container with clear acrylic fixative. Let dry.

When using your charging cradle, make sure the cord and phone are tucked into the container, then insert the cord base into the tab hole.

Do NOT let the prongs touch the plastic when you plug it in! Just let the plastic rest on top of the cord base.

Enjoy charging your phone in the safety of a cradle!

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