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    How To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers Once And For All

    It's time to spring clean.

    Here's a method of getting the most out of your kitchen drawers that even a type B person can do.

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    What you need:

    *A messy kitchen drawer

    *Wrapping paper or drawer liners

    *Foam board or cardboard



    This simple adjustment will maximize the space in your drawer!

    Remove all the items from the drawer and measure the sides. Cut out a piece of wrapping paper to line the bottom.

    Measure the diagonal in three or four places where you would like to insert your dividers. (This can be customized to fit the utensils you own!) Cut out the size of dividers you need from foam board or cardboard.

    Wrap up each divider as you would a present. Tape the dividers into place. Organize your utensils by size, or by what is used the most.

    Long wooden spoons and spatulas will fit in the longest space, and small items will not get lost by placing them in the corners.

    Enjoy the extra length of diagonal organization!

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