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    Make Magic With These DIY Concrete Dragon Eggs

    Let the witching hour begin.

    Make these stunning dragon egg candle votives with a balloon! Here's how:


    Quick-set concrete


    2 large containers


    A few balloons

    Stirring rods

    Gold paint

    Tea lights


    # Mix 1 cup concrete with ⅓ cup water. (Add more to slow setting time)

    # Place a balloon on the end of a funnel, and fill with concrete.

    # Detach the balloon, and blow up a little more with a hand pump. (Do not use your mouth!)

    # Tie the balloon, and let the concrete set evenly by turning the balloon slowly.

    # After a few hours, cut the balloon off with a box cutter. There might be some tiny cracks, which is what you want. Carefully chip away at the cracks until you have a hole big enough for a candle.

    # Pour in some more wet concrete, and rotate it to cover all the sides. Apply more until desired thickness is achieved.

    # Once dry, you can paint the inside with gold or bronze paint. Paint the outside if desired.

    # Place a tealight in the egg, and enjoy the fiery glow of your new candle holder eggs!

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