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How To Turn One Scarf Into Four Summer Tops

Werk it.

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Don't put away those scarves jussssst yet. You can make four warm weather tops with one 6x2 ft scarf and a shower ring.

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Crop Top:

BuzzFeed Nifty

Grab two corners of your scarf lengthwise, and tie the ends around the back of your neck. Drape the fabric over your chest. Fold the opposite side up, and tie around your lower back. Tie up the remaining fabric in the front to create a crop top.


Halter Top:

Tie two corners of the scarf lengthwise around the back of your neck. On the front, loop a shower ring around the rest of the fabric, and push the ring up to your neck. Spread the fabric out over your chest, and tie the opposite side around your back. Push the ring slightly.

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