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    Here's How To Make Chemical-Free Cleaning Wipes For Your Home

    Wipe on, dry off.

    Stay away from chemicals in your home by making your own cleaning wipes with #NiftyKitchen.

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    What you need:

    *½ cup vinegar

    *¼ cup water

    *¼ cup rubbing alcohol

    *1 tsp dish soap

    *8-10 drops citrus essential oil

    *Paper towel roll

    *Bread knife

    *Mixing bowl

    *Empty coffee can or Tupperware container


    Cut a roll of paper towels in half, or to the height of your container, with a bread knife. (Use the other half as a replacement roll.)

    Combine the vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and essential oil in a mixing bowl, and stir well.

    Cut an X into the lid of your empty coffee can. Spray-paint the color of your choice, (optional), and let dry for a few hours.

    Slide the half roll into the can, and cover in the liquid. Let it soak in thoroughly before removing the cardboard roll in the center. Pull the center up and push it through the X slit in the lid. Snap on the lid and pull the first wipe out.

    Enjoy your nontoxic cleaning wipes!

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