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    Here's How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

    The paaaaaaaain!

    We've all been there. That sensation when you slurp that slurpee too fast or scoop too much ice cream in one go. Brain freeze happens when something super cold hits the roof of your mouth.


    It sucks. A lot.

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    Here's what's happening behind the scenes: The small capillaries expand and contract rapidly in response to the sudden change in temperature, and this reaction causes the nociceptors to fire warning signals to the brain that your body is under attack. These signals have to travel through an intersection called the trigeminal ganglion that crosses with signals coming from the forehead. Your brain receives the signals, but cannot tell if the signals came from your mouth or your forehead, so it projects the pain onto the forehead.

    Here's how to get rid of it:

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    1. Press your thumb to the roof of your mouth for 5 seconds

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    2. Drink warm liquids.

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    3. Cup your hands over your mouth and blow hot air.

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    4. Slow down to avoid brain freeze altogether!

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