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    Here's A Tupperware Organizer For When Your Kitchen Gets Cluttered

    Make your tupperware drawer less of a hot mess.

    How To Organize Your Tupperware For Good

    Here's a video showing you how:

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    Here's what you need:

    A pegboard cut to the size of your drawer

    3 square rods cut to drawer width

    3 or 4 dowels (¾ in / 2 cm thick)

    1 dowel that can fit through the pegboard holes (⅛ in / 0.3 cm thick)

    A hand saw, or small electric saw

    Wood glue

    Here's the instructions:

    1. Empty your cluttered drawer and place three square dowels parallel to each other inside.

    2, Lay the pegboard over top of the rods.

    3. Measure the height of the drawer, and cut the wooden dowels to size so they can stand vertically inside, and the drawer can still close. Cut about 10-20 depending on your needs.

    4. Glue a small piece of the smaller dowel (about 1.2 inch) to the top of each large one. Let dry for 2 hours.

    5. Place the rods into the pegs in rows to organize plastic containers, lids, glassware, and even larger pots and pans. The pegs can easily be reorganized to accommodate new dishes.

    6. Enjoy staying organized!