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    Clean In Half The Time With This Power Scrubbing Hack

    Because you've got better things to do.

    What you need:

    · Washer

    · Bolt

    · Machine screw (the longer the better!)

    · Soap-dispensing brush head replacement

    · Drill


    1. Thread the machine screw though the brush head so the head of the screw sits in the bristles.

    2. On the back, thread on the washer and secure it in place with the bolt. Make sure you tighten well, but do not over-tighten as this may cause the plastic to crack.

    3. Attach the scrubber head to the drill.

    4. Fill a bucket with hot water and the cleaning agent of your choice. Dip the power scrubber in just enough to saturate the bristles. (Do not submerge the drill!)

    5. Point and press. Let the power scrubber do the work.

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