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10 Things People Who Wear All Black Are Tired Of Hearing

Because black will always be the new black.

1. "Are you going to a funeral?"

Style Network / Via

Um, no. But if you keep it up, I might be going to yours.

2. "Aren't you going to be hot in that?"

Nickelodeon / Via

Probably. But also chic.

3. "You should really wear more color." / Via

I do! *flashes Louboutin bottoms*

4. It makes you look unapproachable/rude/bitchy.



5. "Is that like your uniform for work?" / Via

No but any employer who would require all black clothing sounds like an absolute genius.

6. "You can make other colors look just as good in your outfits."

NBC / Via


7. "Black washes you out and make you look pale." / Via

Floral printed rompers make adults look like toddlers so who should really be concerned here?

8. "Do you wear all black because it's slimming?"

Mandate Pictures / Via

Do you always ask stupid questions?

9. "Why can't you just mix in a pop of color?"


I'm sorry, you're still speaking why?

10. "Have you ever thought about wearing navy instead?"

NBC / Via

Stop trying to make navy happen, it's never going to happen!