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12 Signs You're An International Student In London

International students & the love/hate relationship with the capital

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1. You still haven't recovered from people asking: "You all right?" and then walking away from you.

2. "You know that thing you use for..." "Yeah, yeah, I don't know what you call it, that thing!"

3. In your room it's either too cold...

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4. ...or too hot

5. You still don't get why there's carpet instead of normal floor in the bathroom, kitchen and even in clubs.

6. You're still surprised when people try to act normal during rush hour.

7. You certainly can't.

8. You find boobs on newspapers appalling.

9. You don't get upset if people say: "C U Next Tuesday!"

10. Despite everything, you still act like this in front of every single London landmark.

11. You HAVE TO buy at least a Union Jack t-shirt

12. You wrote "London Calling" at least once on your social media profiles

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