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Why I Would Be The Perfect Addition To The BuzzFeed Team

Buzzfeed = my dream job. Carly Margolin= the perfect Buzzfeed employee. Here's why.

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1. My Name is Carly Margolin

I am graduating from the University of Michigan in April with a dual degree in Communications and History. Buzzfeed is my favorite website. Some may say I have a slight addiction to reading Buzzfeed articles. I say it's a hobby. My dream job is to work at Buzzfeed.

5. I Know A Little About A Lot

Did you know that Napoleon renamed his wife Josephine because he didn't like her real name? Or that if you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it can't jump? Well, now you do!

6. I'm A Hard-worker

I'm very detail oriented, organized and determined to do a job well-done. Give me a task I don't know how to do and I'll go above and beyond to learn it. Some call me a perfectionist, but I just like to follow through and make sure that my work best represents my ability.

7. "Co-Worker of the Year" Would Be My Superlative

I'm a people-person by nature. I love getting to know new people and am adaptable to working with just about anyone because of my easy-going nature and personality. I want to be successful with a strong team around me.

8. I Love Pop Culture

Is it weird that I always know where Harry Styles is? No (in my opinion). Do I know every song on every Taylor Swift, Beyonce & Fetty Wap album? Yes. Can I recite half of Chrissy Teigen's tweets? Definitely.


I solemnly swear to be the best employee Buzzfeed has ever seen. I will bring Buzzfeed's social media to new heights with my skills and experience. My personality will fit perfectly into the Buzzfeed culture. This is my dream job & I know that I am Buzzfeed's ideal candidate.

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