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50 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head While Writing A Paper

5 pages. 10 pages. It doesn't matter how long the it is.. we're our own worst enemy when it's time to write a paper.

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1. Word, stop autocorrecting my name!

2. What’s todays date again?

3. Damn it I wrote 2013.

4. Wow, Word changed it to 2014

5. It’s like it knows I’m not ready to move on

6. Fuck relationships

7. I love pizza

8. Okay, time to start this paper

9. How many pages is this supposed to be?

10. The teacher said 5

11. So that basically means 4 with one sentence on 5

12. But I can double space it so that’s more like 3 and a half

13. Does the works cited page count?

14. I wish triple space existed

15. I wrote the heading… that deserves a break.

16. Maybe I’ll catch up on Game of Thrones

17. I’m only on season 2 so it shouldn’t take more than a day if I binge watch it without getting up for food or water...


19. No I need to do this now.

20. Time to focus.

21. Oh someone retweeted me!

22. Let me just scroll through my Twitter feed real quick

23. I might as well go on instagram too

24. I wonder if anyone emailed me

25. It’s so nice outside

26. What is this paper about again?

27. Once I start writing the words will flow

28. Flow, Flo?

29. Progressive commercials are the worst

30. What kind of name is Flo anyway?

31. Well somehow I managed to write two pages

32. Thanks Wikipedia

33. Writing papers is easy

34. It’s doesn’t even take that long


36. I gotta speed this process up

37. This isn’t even supposed to be a difficult paper

38. Fuck school

39. I wish I was a cat

40. All they do is lay around

41. Lay… lei…

42. I should just move to Hawaii

43. Wow I’ve got one page left

44. I can do this

45. I know how to write

46. I should’ve been a English teacher

47. Maybe I should write a book

48. Wait, what does APA style mean?

49. It’s only a page…

50. I think I’m gonna order pizza

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