17 Times Tumblr Was So Relatable It Hurt

    "I can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation."

    1. A harsh reality:

    2. Don't try to tell me it isn't possible:

    3. It hits too close to home:

    4. Life honestly:

    5. The dream job really:

    6. Logic:

    7. I warned you:

    8. Don't listen to the lies:

    9. *is good at flirting*

    10. How does this keep happening???

    11. Every. Single. Day.

    12. Cut the small talk.

    13. Don't even pretend you haven't:

    14. Really though:

    15. Sad but true:

    16. #adulting:

    17. Can this please just be a thing?

    Via zackisontumblr.tumblr.com

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